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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Last Few Months

Hello again! My apologies that I haven't updated my blog in sometime. I had some technical difficulties and considering I can barely manage to open Word and my email most days you can imagine the frustration I had trying to fix my blog. Lots has gone on since my last post and I have done some writing so I will try to post some of them and catch everyone up on where I've gone and what I've done this summer. Right now I'm enjoying the heat wave in San Diego and trying my best to stay cool (but nobody has air conditioning in their houses/apts so we have been escaping to such fine establishments that do have AC like the Ould Sod or movie theaters to enjoy some relief). I have done plenty of traveling to/from and around Southern California, but right now San Diego is home. I enjoyed housesitting a mile from Venice Beach in LA earlier this summer, traveled to wine country up north for a bit, went to the desert east of here more than once (a reminder that this heat wave is nothing compared to the good 'ol desert). I am still unemployed and trying to figure out my next bold move. In the meantime during a moment of temporary insanity, I signed up for the New York City Marathon and will be running 26.2 miles around my favorite city in 63 days (not that I'm counting). I will not be doing this alone. I somehow convinced my friend/roommate, Jill, to sign up and run the race with me (apparently insanity likes company). I have rediscovered my love for running this summer and find that waking up and running anywhere from 5 - 15 miles has given my life some structure.
In other news I will be promoted to Captain on September 1st. This sounds strange to most people because I left active duty in February, but I am still in the IRR for a few more years so I can volunteer or be voluntold during this time and promotions still run for us in this limbo status.
Also I have had two essays published this summer! They can be viewed at The Sylvan Echo
and The Splinter Generation. Please check out both sites as they have published some very talented new and established writers.
Well, it is 0615 on a Saturday and Jill and I have made plans to go for a run before the heat index becomes unbearable. I was just told it was breakfast and Mimosas after the run - not going to argue with that. Please be sure to check the site as I will be updating with adventures from this summer and adventures yet to be. As always thanks for reading. Cheers!

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